All new features below to extend the Astui service, include the core public API.

Q3 and Q4 2019

  • Added API functions:
    • Path Fitting (for Pencil Tool-like sketch to vector conversions)
    • Variable Stroke Widths
    • Path Reshape
    • "Cookie Cutter"
    • Calligraphic Brush > Looseness setting (for adjust level of organic results)
    • Scaled Long Shadow option (to simulate vanishing point)
  • Optimise vector paths in PDFs
  • Vector brush library
  • Updated plugins providing access to new Astui functions (Brushes, Path Cleanup) and direct availability in alternative vector design packages

May 2019

  • Added API functions:
    • Path Cleanup
    • Long Shadow
  • Updated Adobe XD and Illustrator plugins to provide multiple Offset Path and Long Shadow
  • Illustrator Astui plugin adds interactive Drop Shadow and Offset Path (including multiple offsets) Tools with associated panels for the new tools
  • Recipe for API calls (multiple API operations in one process)

April 2019

  • Added API functions:
    • Rounded corner addition
    • Rounded corner detection based on geometry and removal (with path recreation)
    • Calligraphic Brushes
    • Boolean (shape join, divide, etc.), including Regularise
  • Update Adobe XD and Illustrator plugins to provide Rounded Corners (add and remove) and Calligraphic Brush

Q1 2019

  • Add Dropbox integration for instant automation
  • Technology APIs to add:
    • Outline stroke
    • Path Offset (open and closed paths)
    • Vector Brushes, including arrow heads etc.
  • Update Adobe XD, Illustrator and Sketch plugins to provide Path Offset and Outline Stroke
  • Recreate Illustrator extension as a full plugin to improve speed, control and options (original extension to remain open-source for reference)

Q4 2018

  • Smart Point Removal
  • Move Points to Tangencies
  • Open-source plugins/extensions:
    • Astui for Adobe XD (mid-October 2018 release)
    • Astui for Adobe Illustrator CC (2017+)
    • Astui for Sketch (v50+)
  • Astui for SVG
  • Public Astui API for developers

All the future vector manipulation functions
already exist in the underlying Astui Vector SDK.